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The hearing & vision diagnostics

systems of the future,



MindAffect is specialized in the application of brain computer interface, artificial intelligence and neuroscience to unlock the mysteries of the brain!

Our unique patented BCI/AI system interprets a patient's brain response to stimuli at a significantly enhanced speed to enable accurate, rapid and objective hearing/vision testing for all patient groups.


Aurora Hearing Diagnostic System

The Aurora hearing diagnostic system is objective, fast, accurate, comfortable and easy-to-use. The patient is fitted with our 8-channel headband, listens to soft chirps and watches a silent video (of their choice) for <10 minutes. The full audiometric threshold results are produced automatically at the end of the test. The Aurora combines an air conduction and bone conduction audiometric threshold tests for a full audiometric diagnostic test.


The Problem

Unaddressed Hearing Impairments lead to earlier onset of dementia, social isolation and sub-optimal educational development which cost more than $1 trillion in education, societal and care costs. Over 2 billion hard-to-test patients: children, disabled and the elderly are excluded from a system that still requires a consistent patient response to receive the correct treatment.

Hearing diagnostics
Vision diagnostics
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Our KinderCap is designed to test pre-school children for hearing and visual impairments in one simple, fast and easy-to-use objective test. Our unique stimulus coding and decoding technology enables us to combine auditory and visual stimuli to produce the child's hearing/vision results within 10 minutes. Eliminating guesswork and uncertainty are critical for earlier diagnosis and treatment.

The Problem

More than 15% of all pre-school children suffer from hearing and visual impairments - correct treatment and designing the appropriate development pathway is vital for their future. Children with other disabilities suffer disproportionally from hearing and visual impairments which have an even lower chance of discovery and treatment. In addition, easily solvable hearing and visual impairment can be confused with other diagnoses including Autism, dyslexia and ADHD.


Training and On-the-Job Stress

Our system determines the level of effort used during a visual or auditory experience. Our first prototype can objectively measure the patient's required effort to hear in a difficult situation. These objective insights can be used to optimize training protocol, determine  level of work stress or even improve the efficiency of hearing aid fitting.

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Brain health/training




Radboud University, Donders Institute:

Prof. Peter Desain inspired a team of neuroscientists to develop a breakthrough in Brain Computer Interface (“BCI”) technology to allow for communication solely based upon brain function.



Recipient of ALS prize for Life, successful proven communication prototype and multiple patents provided the foundation for the BCI/AI technology



Inspired by their success, the team was spun out of Radbound into MindAffect with NLC, the Leading HeathTech Venture Builder in the Netherlands.

2021 and Beyond


Expertise in the area of brain response analysis allowed us to develop further applications in the area of hearing and vision diagnostics. Our goal is to bring these unique and essential objective diagnostic tests to the market to support the hard-to-test patient population of two billion.

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