So, are you interested in neural technologies, but were unable to try them yourself? Or did you try it and were disappointed in its performance? Or perhaps you have a great idea for a brain controled application which you didn’t know how to make work before?   


Then try the MindAffect BCI and open up new dimensions of interaction with our open-source brain computer interface software.

With our open-source code, you are able to make your own Brain Computer Interface (BCI) application that is reliable, fast and requires no training. 




With our solution, one wears a headset that measures electrical brain activity. Through visually directing one’s attention at specifically designed stimulus, such as the special keyboard in the video-clip, the BCI matches the brain signals with the stimulus. This allows you to spell letter by letter with your brain. This method is fast, reliable and requires no training.




  • Fast: detection in ~2 second

  • Reliable: 95% accuracy

  • Easy: no training necessary

  • Robust: insensitive to movement artifacts

  • Flexible: can combine on-screen and physical objects


Our patented BCI technology is easy to integrate with other technologies making it suitable for a range of applications that may benefit both patients and caretakers, but can also entertain a broader public, with the amazing possibilities we are developing.


We have decided to publish our software under an open-source license, and write tutorials how to assemble the hardware and create applications. Mail us and we will send you the tutorials.