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Intern @ MindAffect

MindAffect is looking for a new Intern starting in summer 2024!

About us:

MindAffect is specialized in the application of brain computer interface, artificial intelligence and neuroscience. Our technology interprets a patient's brain response to visual stimuli to enable accurate, rapid and objective vision testing. Allowing groups who struggle to respond (accurately), to still have their vision properly tested.

What you will do:

You will run our ready-to-use EEG system which presents visual stimuli to participants while their brain responses are measured using EEG. Our machine learning methods will then be used to determine the visual evoked potential (VEP) response curves.

In particular, your internship will be focused on eye-tracking and EEG experiments.


The internship can be mostly performed remotely. However, we meet at the office at least once a week. The office is located in Ede, Netherlands, and we regularly test participants in Nijmegen using our systems. Our growing team currently consists of 10 international R&D- and software engineers who are highly enthusiastic and committed professionals.


For more questions on the position please feel free to contact

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