Interview at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Last week, we visited the CES in Las Vegas and were part of the Dutch pavilion as one of 50 selected startups by StartupDelta representing the Netherlands. Ivo was interviewed by Sprout (Dutch only). Enjoy the video.


“Prototyping the future…”

MindAffect was mentioned in a nice write up about the CES 2018 by Jonathan Littman called “Sidestepping the Singularity at CES”.

One of the cool things about CES is that you can connect directly with the geeks prototyping the future. Geeks like the Dutch scientists from MindAffect who showed us a 3D-printed prototype of their EEG cap, which molds to the head to capture brain signals through embedded sensors. The minimalist headset connects to a brain computer interface (BCI) that will soon allow ALS or “locked-in” patients to communicate.


MindAffect is Dutch showcase at CES 2018

MindAffect mentioned in De Telegraaf in an interview with Prince Constantijn of Orange about the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Prince Constantijn on MindAffect

Prince Constantijn interviewed by Dutch public news about the upcoming CES 2018 event and the Dutch Convoy. He mentions MindAffect as one of the promising ventures. Starts around minute 24′.


MindAffect at BNR News radio

MindAffect mentioned in an interview about brain computer interfaces. First item in the show, MindAffect mentioned around minute 3:45.