Join us for the Amsterdam City Swim!

We are building an application on top of our brain computer interface that enables locked-in-patients, for example as a result of ALS, to communicate again. This will help them to increase their quality of life in a crucial phase of their lives.

Next to that, we want to help in the fight against ALS. Therefore, the MindAffect team participates in the Amsterdam City Swim on September 9. We have arranged with the organisation that we can all swim together in the “MindAffect Wave”, Wave 19. A wave consists of 100 people so… that does mean that we need you to swim with us!

You can register here. During registration, you won’t be able to select Wave 19 so please select any other random wave. Please send us an email at “info at mindaffect dot nl” afterwards confirming your wish to swim with us in Wave 19 so we can make sure that the organisation will group us all together.

Already registered? You can switch to our wave by sending us an email as well.

Want to donate? You can do so here – thanks. If you want to know more, please let us know!