Hello Everyone –

I am Jop, and my main responsibility at MindAffect is to develop iOS apps. I have always loved my work, but since I started at MindAffect, I do so even more. At MindAffect, the apps are just one of the many parts of a working Brain Computer Interface (BCI). To work on this bigger picture, as part of a team of smart and eager people, is incredibly exciting.

In 2002 I started studying Artificial Intelligence. At the time I did not feel much for robots or anything – I just liked the varied AI program that Nijmegen had to offer: math, logic, computer programming, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, even a bit of philosophy. There was only one thing that I missed: making things. Of course we had to make a lot of programs, but these were never meant to be beautiful, practical, or even used by actual people. I graduated on BCI, with a focus on Machine Learning. I wanted more than just doing the research; I wanted to make a working BCI. But time was too short…

A career in app development was the logical next step. When the App Store launched in 2008, I immediately switched from creating for Mac to creating for iOS. More than 7 years of self-employment has given me the opportunity to create ‘real things’ and dive deep into design. I have learned to appreciate the delicate balance between powerful functionality and a fluid user experience. To have them both, you really need to think through an app’s core idea and invest heavily on a solid and suitable design.

As a freelancer I worked on many different projects. I really enjoyed the variation this offered, but I also felt a growing desire to go all in on one idea. I started to read a lot about startups and I developed a keen interest in how to make a successful product.

Now at MindAffect I feel like everything comes together: the combination of technical subjects and human-centered subjects; making things that really can have a positive impact on people’s lives; all the fascinating challenges that we face as a startup; and of course: finally being able to make a BCI that really works.

Feel free to reach out to me at jop AT mindaffect DOT nl or follow me on Twitter @jopvanheesch.

– Jop van Heesch